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At least, you KNOW I read what YOU had to say.

March 16, 2009 Melissa, Indiana writes:
I applaud the governors who are rejecting the stimulus money.
I wish our governor would do the same.
Unfortunately, Elkhart County has been hit very hard with the steep decline of the RV business.

So, I understand Governor Daniels’ feeling obligated to use every resource to help Hoosiers, but I detest being obligated to the federal government.

Please keep up the conservative fight!

Thank you for all you do at Heritage!
What would happen if Uncle Sugar said -
We have ALL of the $$$ you need
to pay your debts,
so come to us and we will give it to you,
for ONLY 10% Interest?

The Fed is giving $$$ away
THAT is keeping the Banks from lending.

But the Banks still charge HIGH Interest on Credit Cards.

"FIGHT" for what?

IF Obama Fails, WHO will get us OUT OF THIS HOLE WE ARE IN?
March 16, 2009 Jim, Oklahoma writes:
Senator Durbin your red color is showing.
Shades of Cuba,
North Korea, and other countries run by dictators.

The Fairness Doctrine is so un-Constitutional and so anti-American, that it is difficult to believe that a member of our esteemed Congress would even consider re-instituting it.

Free speech is what Americans have fought and died for for the past 200 years.

If you Senator Durbin cannot stand the heat, get out of our kitchen.

The "Fairness Doctrine"
Requires that ALL sides of an isse be discussed.
It would NOT allow Boss Rush
to ONLY TELL his side, and LIE.

For example,
when Boss Bush said
"I want him to fail"
Someone would be allowed to ASK HIM -
March 16, 2009 Brian Jennings, Bend, Oregon writes:
There is no question that Democrats want to muzzle conservative talk radio.

Since 1987, there have been numerous attempts to restore the Fairness Doctrine repealed by President Reagan. Since then, the number of talk stations has grown from about 125 nationwide to over 2000. Democrats feel conservative talk is their only opposition to implementing their full agenda. When they raised the trial balloons of restoring the Fairness Doctrine they knew it would be found unconstitutional, so they have come in through the backdoor with the Durbin Doctrine which will empower them to regulate their goals through the Federal Communications Commission. They argue that by forcing balance onto the nation’s airwaves, it is not a free speech violation. But, it clearly censors one form of talk (conservative) to do that. And, they refuse to acknowledge they already dominate all other media with their viewpoint. In this day when there are over 13,000 radio stations (many
NPR), 1400 newspapers, dozens of cable channels, and tens of thousands of internet sites, the argument for any form of censorship through a Durbin Doctrine, which is the new Fairness Doctrine, is moot. Thank you.

They want ALL Sides of an issue to be discussed
with NO LIES.

THAT was the beginning of HATE RADIO.

HOW can anyone believe
should be the standard?

When Cs can't think of anything
else to say
they resort to NAME CALLING.
March 16, 2009 Bob in St. Louis, Missouri writes:
What do you expect from Sen. Durbin?! He’s one of the biggest socialist/commies in Wash D.C.!! He’s one of the biggest whiner, cry-baby democratic senators up there in D.C.! It’s amazing how these turds
keep getting re-elected, because they have shown their true colors (RED!!) so many times down through the years! He’s the kind of guy you’d like to get alone in a room, just the two of you, and put the gloves on! Boy! I wonder what what he sees in the mirror every morning! A traitor to the constitution and everything that is good about AMERICA! Well Mr. Turbin! Oops! GOD BLESS AMERICA, AND GOD SAVE AMERICA FROM

At least,

When Cs can't think of anything
else to say
they resort to NAME CALLING.

March 16, 2009 Andy, San Diego writes:
Wait - I thought we Republicans were in
favor of fair and balanced objective

thought and

reasoned argument,

which the Fairness Doctrine, to my understanding, would encourage.

I read nothing of affirmative action here - just balanced journalism with a little integrity. I guess I’m an old fashioned, educated Republican who actually values hearing the many sides of an issue before formulating an opinion,
unlike the Republicans of fear and hate who seem to have overtaken the party!

March 16, 2009 Dwana Townsend writes:
Well if they want to pass a bill like that,
how about


CNN, etc

hiring some of the more conservative hosts for their programs

so that their shows

will be fair and balanced and

not leftest!!!

This should force all Media to publicize all points of view. So all newspapers that still exist, all radio (even music stations) should have a Rush Hour and a Katie Hour.
Of course,

THAT is what the Fairness Doctrine IS.
March 16, 2009 Nelia, Fountain Hills AZ writes:
Considering the
groundswell of discontent and the


thereof, it is no surprise the left is nervous.

The conservative voice on radio and TV is our source of truth and encouragement. Except for NPR, history has proved the liberal talkers cannot maintain an audience.

"groundswell of discontent and the

In your dreams maybe.

March 16, 2009 Franklin's Locke writes:
Spot on! I wrote about this a few weeks ago before Durbin Doctrine. What needs to be pushed by Conservatives is the definition of the vague terms, “encourage and promote diversity in ownership.” That should worry every American. This is just the drip, drip of Socialism. The government wants to tell an industry who should own what. This is an attack of the freedom of speech, first, but then goes further to the basic right of Capitalism of the freedom to property. What is the next industry they are going to make “diverse” and why? Oil, auto, retail, ect…

I looked at your Blog.
There was a great post on,
The "Judas syndrome"...why liberals love to betray America
that gives a
history of
Liberals and
their betrayals of America.

THAT is the sort of GOOFY Stuff
that needs explanation.

March 16, 2009 Ozzy6900, CT writes:
The Left has almost all of the news papers, the Right has “Talk Radio”. The Left has PBS, the Right has “Talk Radio”. The Left has CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, ABC - in other words most of the TV news media, the Right has “Talk Radio”. The Left has Air America who cannot hold sponsors due to its boring, screaming shows, the Right has “Talk Radio”.
In my book, the Left has more at its disposal than the Right and still can’t get the job done! Who is REALLY monopolizing the News Media?

It’s really simple. Talk Radio had more listeners and advertising and the Left cannot deal with this. But what is the LOeft worried about - they won, didn’t they? Why are they so worried about the Right - They Won! Why does Talk Radio bother you so much - YOU WON…. now live with it!

Not "Talk" Radio
it is HATE Radio.

I HOPE you did better reasearch on your "book"
that this post.

Point us to a site
that shows WHO owns WHAT Newspaper, and Media.

March 16, 2009 Illinois Review: Durbin Continues Assault on First Amendment :Protect Fairness | Fight The Fairness Doctrine writes:
[...] From our friends at Illinois Review:
Don’t think free speech is safe simply because the Fairness Doctrine was blocked from reinstitution last week in Congress. 
This morning, Heritage Foundation’s all over our own U.S. Senator Dick Durbin’s under-reported ongoing assault on free speech… [...]
March 16, 2009 Jonathan Seid, Williamsburg, Virginia writes:
If I was running things and wanted to “hush Rush” I would change an FCC regulation and require each and every AM/FM station to produce 90-percent of it’s programming locally. That wipes out most distribution of satellite fed programming in an instant and no body is being blocked out. Rush is still on WABC. However, that means thousands of radio stations and those that choose to retain the ‘talk’ format, can develop their own talent for their own communities. Novel idea. The best radio is local radio.


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